Welcome to Shaming Johns

We are a community dedicated to cleaning up our streets.

Prostitution is a problem in our neighborhood and our purpose with this site is to expose both the prostitutes and their johns and make our neighborhood a better place for everyone.

We encourage our neighbors to photograph their crimes and post them on this site.

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The idea for this site was developed by the Hilltonia Village Association in Columbus, Ohio



The Way To Happiness

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There is No Reason For This

 We don't have to tolerate this in our neighborhood. We can clean this up.

Make A Change

Help them by helping us. 


Join Us In The Fight

Join us in our fight to clean up our neighborhood.

Helping Out Community The Best Way We Can...

Your help is needed to eliminate gangs, human trafficking and drugs in the Greater Hilltop Area of Columbus, OH. The Way to Happiness® gets results in lowering crime statistics, and wide distribution of The Way to Happiness is needed on the west side. Your support is needed in getting 15,000-60,000 The Way to Happiness Booklets distributed in the Greater Hilltop Area! Purchase as many Custom Cover Bundles of 12, with YOUR business information printed on the back, as you can. For the special price of $15.60 per bundle of 12 booklets! The first 15,000 booklets needed are for a specific area of at-risk individuals.

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